Sheila is in no small part, one of the reasons Fur Footed Rescue was started. Here from the beginning, always full of faith and loyalty, we couldn’t have asked for more in a first volunteer. She has always said, “You can do this, “I’ll help you!” and she has. Over the past year and a half, she’s had more kittens running around her place than she can remember. In fact, I’m sure she remembers everyone and has the pictures to prove it! A very heartfelt thank you to Sheila!


Trish began volunteering with FFRi about one year ago. She made an immediate impact and has continued to do so over the days, the weeks and months since her arrival. Her commitment to the animals never wavers. Trisha works tirelessly helping to keep the rescue in order and making sure all the cats and kittens receive the best care. She has proved herself to be a volunteer of all trades helping with cleaning, animal care, fundraising and just about everything else we’ve tossed at her! There’s no doubt that our success this year is in no small part due to Trisha’s joining us at FFRi! Thank you, Trisha!